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Simply put, we are a great place for runners to find awesome deals on great races, runs, and walks. We send emails only when new Deals show up, so you won't have to upgrade your emailbox to the next size up when you subscribe at RunSaver. Log in or sign up here.

Less simply put, we are a great place for Race Directors to promote their event. The social buying deal site model has proven to be an awesome way to attract new customers to traditional businesses as well as to attract new participants to endurance sporting events. Before RunSaver, however, a run or walk would get thrown in with all the other random personal, car, or pet care service or restaurant. Hardly the place to attract participants when you think about it. And don't get us started about the revenue sharing model. Yes, we do charge for our services, but because we partner with you, in most all cases, you get more of the money you need. Contact us as long before your event as possible and we'll get you set up.

For more details, check our FAQ.